Frequently Asked Questions

Event Questions:

  • Do our children have to be there?

    • Yes - NO EXCEPTIONS (this is our ONLY rule)

  • What if our child is sick and cannot attend?

    • Very sorry - NO EXCEPTIONS (this is our ONLY rule)

  • What is date, time location?

    • Date/Time: 12/21/2019 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (or until supplies run out!)

    • Location: The Norris Penrose Event Center (address is on the Events page)

  • What do I need to bring?

    • Nothing but your child

  • Is there paperwork to fill out?

    • No - no questions asked

Donation questions:

  • What does the foundation need for donations?

    • Money, turkeys, new toys, stuffed animals, children books, bikes, coats, gloves, etc

  • Where can I drop off my donation?

    • Click on link above under "Donate --> Drop-off Locations"

  • Can someone pick donations up?

    • Yes - Please contact us

  • Where do I take bicycle donations?

    • Year Round - Ted's Bicycles, 3016 N. Hancock Ave., Colorado Springs, CO

Volunteer questions:

  • While I am volunteering, is there a chance I will be seen on the news, social media and/or in the newspaper?

    • Yes

  • How and where do I sign up to volunteer?

    • Click on the volunteer link above under "Volunteer"

  • What are the age limits for volunteering?

    • Ages 16 and up: Can volunteer for any of the areas/duties without a parent/guardian present

    • Ages 14-16: Can volunteer on their own for any of the areas/duties, except “Hosting.”

      • The parent/guardian MUST be in the event location at the same time.

      • To be a “host” the parent/guardian must be with them at all times

    • Ages 8-14: Must be with the parent/guardian at all times, but can volunteer for any of the areas/duties

    • Under age 8: Not able to volunteer